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A garage that has expert technicians doing everything from oil change to a complete engine overhaul

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Centre De Pneus Et Mécanique Excellence, your West Island Garage, offers several mechanical services in the West Island area that are performed and verified by certified employees, to make sure your car is in top running order.

We have expert technicians with many years of expertise doing everything from a simple oil change to a complete engine overhaul. We use equipment on the cutting edge to make sure your vehicle is repaired right the first time.

Bringing your vehicle to our West Island Garage is the right decision to have a highly professional service. Our experts are available to answer your questions and to ensure a complete maintenance of your vehicle.

We also specialize in high-performance Valvoline services.

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Our Mechanical Services:

  • Brake repairs 
  • General services
  • Chassis service
  • Heating and cooling
  • Electrical service
  • Transport service
  • Towing
  • Muffler replacement/repair
  • Electronic diagnostic
  • Performance optimization
  • Wheel alignment
  • Suspension /steering
  • Maintenance department
  • Air conditioning service
  • General mechanics
  • Software rebooting for high-end vehicles
  • And much more...

Valvoline Professional Services Programs

Fuel System Maintenance

Helps clean and protect your fuel system. We offer a full range of Valvoline services for fuel systems and professional services to increase fuel economy, handling and performance.

Fuel Injection System

Instantly cleans harmful deposits out of the fuel system

EGR Pipes

Effectively removes even the most stubborn deposits from the engine and extends the life of the EGR valve, which could be costly to replace. The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and ducts may become clogged over time with heavy carbon and reduce fuel efficiency and engine performance.

If left untreated, the EGR may require more than one treatment, or even complete replacement which can cost up to $1,600.

Top Engine / Fuel/Air Induction System

A three-step process that removes deposits from the entire fuel/air supply system and restores power and performance while allowing fuel economy. Fuel system deposits reduce fuel efficiency. The deposits are a by-product of the internal combustion engine and should be cleaned out on a regular basis.

Through a 3-step process, the added fuel completely removes fuel/air system deposits, including: fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers, throttle body and the entire air induction system.

This helps to:

  • restore power and generate maximum performance.
  • eliminate uneven slowdown and shock.
  • reduce emissions caused by deposits.
  • restore engine efficiency and fuel economy.

Diesel Injection System

This service helps to restore fuel economy, power and overall handling. Even minor disturbances of the fuel injection jet can cause a significant decrease in fuel economy and efficiency. Diesel fuel injectors are more prone to the accumulation of deposits due to high temperatures directly on the combustion chamber. Replacing a clogged injector can cost over $1,000. 

The "Diesel Fuel Rail" service dissolves and removes deposits, gums and varnishes from the diesel fuel system completely. It also helps protect against hard starting and helps avoid uneven slowdown, while reducing harmful emissions and black smoke. All VPS Diesel products have ultra low sulfur (less than 15 ppm sulfur) and comply with current EPA diesel specifications.

Transmission Services

Professional Valvoline transmission services will help improve the service life of your transmission and can save you costly transmission repairs.

Automatic Transmission Maintenance

VPS Automatic transmission service maintains gear characteristics and extends the life of your transmission, which can cost over $2,500 to repair. Ninety percent of transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination. Conventional transmission services only remove a small portion of the contaminated fluid from the system. The remaining liquid contaminates the new liquid being added, quickly leading to more new deposits.

These deposits reduce the fluid's ability to cool properly, requiring more ventilation, leading to overheating and ultimately the failure of the transmission.

Manual Transmission Maintenance

Helps extend the life of the transmission and its components while maintaining the gear shift characteristics of your vehicle.

Cooling System Maintenance

Helps extend the life of the cooling system components to keep the whole system in good condition and make it work as efficiently as possible. Because of antifreeze, the coolant gradually loses its protective properties, resulting in corrosion and thus the formation of harmful deposits in the system. This accumulation stifles circulation of coolant and can cause overheating, which overloads the ventilation system and can result in expensive repairs that can exceed $2,000.

Power Steering System Maintenance

Helps provide optimal steering efficiency and helps extend the life of power steering components. The liquid necessary for the steering system is one of the most overlooked automobile fluids in a vehicle. Power steering fluid loses its effectiveness over time, to the detriment of the steering system performance that could result in costs exceeding $1,000.

Brake Fluid Maintenance and Drain

This service eliminates the old contaminated fluid from your braking system to help maintain the performance of your brakes and avoid costly repairs. Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air over time, which causes soft or slow braking. This moisture can also lead to corrosion and premature failure of the braking system components. Our "Valvoline Professional Series" (VPS) 3 & DOT 4 brake fluid extends the life of brake system components and saves you expensive brake repairs.

Complete Oil System Cleaning

Helps extend engine life, increase fuel economy and improve engine performance. Up to one liter of oil can remain in your engine after a traditional oil change. Deposits and contaminants can lead to mechanical failure, premature engine failure and costly repairs that can exceed $5,000.

Gear System Maintenance

Differential Maintenance

Promotes fuel economy, thus avoiding costly replacement of the gearbox and other components. An oil change and maintenance service is planned for the chain sequences; these services are very often neglected.

Transfer Case Maintenance

This service helps increase performance and extend the life of the transfer case and its components. 4 × 4 and all-wheel drive vehicles place large amounts of stress on the all-important transfer case. A transfer case that performs well is essential for these types of vehicles.

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